Unique perfection in a world of mass-production

Our Story

NERO MANETTI is a leading brand in manufacturing business portfolio folders, notebooks, planners & other stationery products operating worldwide.

Our goal is to design the best products while focusing on functionality, top quality materials and modern designs.

Over the years we’ve gathered a lot of experience and therefore, we know exactly what is needed to create the ultimate products that will help make the new work-life not only normal but better.

Our Mission

We are 100% dedicated to bringing you the best and highest quality products.
We strive for unique perfection in a world of mass-production and generic style. We believe in selling products that offer superior value and try to use only eco-friendly materials and processes.

With a 100% satisfaction policy we can assure our customers that we are committed to using the best materials one can find in order to make our customers look professional, organized and exude confidence everywhere they go.

With NERO MANETTI’s customer care department you can rest assure that any problem that might come up will be dealt with swiftly and in the most professional way.

Make an impression
that lasts!

Timeless and tasteful
Channel your inner confidence and class when you take notes in NERO MANETTI’s products.

Be the best version of yourself
It takes maybe 5 seconds for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time. Set yourself apart with NERO MANETTI’s products and be remembered for the right reasons!

Sized for success
Our portfolios exude style while keeping documents wrinkle-free & at your fingertips. The ultimate balance between simplicity, functionality and elegance.

The art of satisfaction
Add sophisticated style to your appearance with our premium products of superior quality, knowing we care about your satisfaction.




Superior design.
Flawless attention to detail.

Only first-class material and the finest-skilled artisans are trusted with the creation of our products.

We handcraft each of our product to make sure you’re getting the best with
flawless attention to every detail.

Our Philosofy

We believe in selling products that offer superior value and quality. Our customers and your satisfaction are our top priority. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and the personal touch. We use eco-friendly products because we care about our environment.

We think it’s important to always improve by listening
to our customers’ feedback. Above all, we want you to enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience. Starting your own journey, whether it’s a new career, a new school or a new company can be tough, but we would like to make this journey easier, be a part of your success story and inspire you to follow your dreams.

Look professional wherever you go!

Set yourself apart in style and add sophisticated elegance to your appearance

Soft and natural finish

Clean elegance

Refined creation

Unparalleled quality

Modern minimalistic


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Want to be the first to know?


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Ultimate sophistication

Unique & Professional

Superior Craftmanship

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